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For startups and small businesses. 


Starting, running and managing a business is hard. Everything from strategic planning, creating a business plan to targeting the right prospects for business development, needs to be given a lot of thought and executed prudently, whether you have enough funding or a limited budget. 

Excal Design Inc. is collaborating with startups, SMBs and SMEs to give their organizations the initial visibility they really deserve. 

Fill out the form below to learn more about our special branding, website and SEO packages for startups and small and medium businesses.

We will create your brand guidelines, marketing calendar , create an SEO program; keeping in mind your strategic goals for the business. This will save you the time and cost of hiring a design or marketing officer on site.
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Having the right brand identity creates the appropriate brand image and will distinguish your business from other brands. Investing in creating a brand identity will save you time and money at multiple levels. 

A well defined identity reduces the response time and iterations for new campaigns across channels. 


Having clear goals and a well defined strategy will enable a business to pick the right marketing solutions. 

The Internet is filled with irrelevant messages and companies often put monies behind the wrong solution. e.g. Do you know if you need local SEO or nationwide solutions?

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If you're at a stage where you're still formulating a business plan or experimenting with your product, it's not too early to contact us.  The sooner we get involved, the easier it is to align design and marketing with your business targets.
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