Marketing for Technology Companies

Technology has its own language.

At Excal Design, we are well versed with the language of the tech industry. We make sure that nothing gets lost in translation when it comes to delivering an impactful brand message for your business.

We are completely rooted in tech. Our parent company is a technology company, while our sister firms work with AI products, data centers, and other tech services.

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Building great brands for Technology companies

Why choose us?

We have a unique team that understands not just branding and marketing, but is very well versed with the field of technology and the challenges that come with marketing it.

With a change in ownership a few years ago, we decided to recreate the branding and marketing of our parent company. The results have been outstanding with accelerated business growth and increased revenue.

With a more modern brand image, we also saw a significant upward shift in our brand recall.

Inspired by this success, we decided to create Excal Design as a separate entity to help other organizations achieve similar growth and opportunities.


During our research for re-branding the parent company, ExcalTech®, we found an apparent need gap in the market.

Many MSP's are not equipped with full-fledged design and marketing teams, despite the fact that many Tech and MarTech products helped pioneer digital marketing. 

Then there are marketeers who do not understand the basics of the Tech space. At Excal Design, we are able to bridge that gap and deliver the right message through the appropriate marketing channel.

We are a part of a larger tech group. Our business group includes Managed Service Providers, Data Centers and an AI powered Pen Testing firm.
There are very few agencies, both within the US or globally, that are associated with tech in the way we are.

We carry this credibility with pride and are serious about building long-term associations with you as our client.

Our other verticals

  • Excal Design strives to help businesses that have products that are sustainable and business models that feed the circular economy.


  • Covid19 has taken a toll on small businesses.  Our team works closely with such companies looking to make a comeback.  We have special marketing and local SEO packages for them.
    SEO concept art


  • As traditional retail models evolve and change, so do the customer values and shifts. We strategize our branding and marketing programs to adress those need gaps.
    Concept art: logo design



Create the right brand and give your business a boost.


Websites, social media marketing to SEO, we're a full service agency.


Can't hire a CMO or a CDO? Sign up for our advisory services.


No design can deliver without good graphics to tell your story.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services, from advisory, graphics to web design.
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