Press Release: Launch of Excal Design Inc.

Shubhra Bhargava
August 26, 2021



ExcalTech® announces the launch of a new Design & Marketing Vertical: Excal Design Inc.

Service Categories: Branding, Digital Media, Web Design, Experience Marketing and Advisory Services.


Chicago— 08/26/2021  We are excited to announce the launch of Excal Design Inc.

Excal Design a design and digital marketing agency that helps clients with strategic planning, cross medium design and creative solutions.

We call the Windy City Chicago, our home and we're located on the Magnificent Mile.

Our services include branding, digital media, web design, video content creation, SEO and advisory Services.


Excal Design is the brainchild of Thomas W. Rissman, President & CEO and Shubhra Bhargava, Vice President – Design.

The re-branding and marketing of the parent company as ExcalTech®, resulted in overall business growth, better brand recall and increased revenue.

Inspired by this success, Mr. Rissman and Ms. Bhargava decided to create Excal Design Inc. as a separate entity to support other organizations, in achieving similar growth.


Mr. Rissman graduated from Cornell University in 1979 and from The Law School at the University of Chicago in 1982.

He has extensive experience in information technology, railroads and related products and in international transactions.

As a serial entrepreneur, he believes he can help other businesses tap into their potential through Excal Design.


Ms. Bhargava has held leadership positions both in the US and emerging markets like India.

An architect by training, she is a branded-environments specialist. She has worked with different consumer categories, ranging from FMCG to luxury products.

Ms. Bhargava has experience in design, user interface, general management, CMS, social media marketing, brand identity, visual merchandising and retail identities.

She uses design thinking extensively for solving business problems and coming up with innovative solutions.


For more information, press only:

Shubhra Bhargava

(312) 943-6813

For more information about the company:

Excal Design Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Excalibur Technology Corp.

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