Branding, Communication & Design: Part III

Dr. Amardeep M. Dugar
January 27, 2022


BC&D Series is a three-part series that will explore the basic principles for effective branding through communication and design. Part-1 of this series explored the fundamental relationship between branding, communication and design. Part-2 explored the basic principles of communication and their applications in designing brands. Part-3 will explore the underlining role of a communication designer in the process of designing brands.

Communication Design

Communication design entails the strategies involved to express brand information primarily through visual design. For years, graphic design was the only term used to express visual design. Back in the day, the term encompassed the entire field of using visuals to deliver a message or even discuss specific parts of design. Communication design takes things a step further with a more holistic approach of incorporating elements of graphic design. It takes into consideration the way people understand visuals. Communication designers therefore have the bigger responsibility of developing relationships between their audience and the creatives.  Therefore, the message being communicated is as important as creating a strategy to engage the relevant target groups.


Brands are always intending to develop strong relationships with their target consumer by establishing a unique identity so as to stand out from their competitors. The ability to get noticed by more people leads to a more profitable business for the brand. Communication designers can become an asset to any brand by showcasing the relationship between branding and design – between storytelling and visuals. And this becomes the real definition of communication design and the cornerstone for how communication designers think about visuals. The job of communication designers isn’t just about the craft of creating stunning visuals, but about realizing the communicative power of these visuals and utilizing this power to its fullest extent.

Brand Image

Communication designers may work in myriad fields such as advertising, branding, or app and web designing. While graphic designers are hired to handle one visual element of the brand, communication designers are hired to handle both the creation of visuals and communication of the brand’s message to people. Communication designers are expected to possess the necessary creative, professional and technical skills to see the whole picture of a branding campaign from start to finish. Therefore, a communication designer understands how every design choice from color to font to language to layout will make an impact on the brand’s image in the market, and utilizes strategic business thinking to convey the specifically desired image.

The process of communication design involves strategic thinking in design and marketing terms, in order to establish credibility for the brand and influence people through the communication. Communications designers translate ideas and information into visuals for attracting, inspiring and motivating people with a view towards making a favorable impact. This impact can really provide impetus for building up a brand.

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Author: Dr. Amardeep M. Dugar,  IALD, IDA, MIES, FISLE, FSLL

Dr. Amardeep M. Dugar is the founding principal of Lighting Research & Design.
He has a master's degree in Architectural Lighting from University of Wismar, Germany and a Ph.D. from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.
Dr. Dugar is also the co-founder of the Virtual Lighting Design Community.

The views expressed by the author are his own.

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